AI Based Wellness Selfie

Get your Key Health Vitals ... Anywhere, Anytime

Get health check as simple as a SELFIE!

WellFie is an Augmented Intelligence App that allows contactless health tracking - using your smartphone, to check your Key Health vitals in just few seconds!

By analysing a 'real-time' video of a person's face, we can assess a wide range of physiological parameters

Real Time Health Vitals

Monitor chronic illness with real-time data.
Contactless efficient and highly accurate Vital Checks. Such as Heart Rate, Breathing, Stress, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure.

Clinical-grade accuracy

More Powerful Together

With WellFie, you have Comfortable ,Convenient Remote & Real-time assessment.

Real time Monitoring

Monitor chronic illness with real-time data.

Reduced Strain

Reduce the strain on medical facilities.

Low Mobility Patients

It is a boon for patients with low mobility, as they can take their vitals staying at home.

Effective Elderly Care

Highly effective for elderly care. Let's share responsibilities of childrens towards their parents.


Supports contactless Vitals Check, Reducing the risk of getting strains of COVID 19

Cuff-less Blood Pressure

No cuff and blodd pressure equipment required. Just take your selfie and it is done.


Possible impact and Use Cases


Wellness and Preventive Care, Telehealth and Remote Care, Elder Care & Self-Monitoring


Drug ~ Vaccine Efficacy, Virtual Clinical Trials, Precision Medicine


Policy Underwriting, Periodic Health Assessment, Personal and Corporate Wellness